Business Value Outcomes - Case Study

End-To-End mobile and web application for school inventory

    Designing and manufacturing school uniforms and sportswear since 1995. Originally specializing solely in sportswear, Product includes shirts, polo shirts, slacks, tailored trousers, shorts, jumpers, blazers and more.
    Old and outdated technology and UI No proper management solutions Lack of resources to keep proper track of the inventory and transactions.
    Provided a solution of web and mobile application
    The platform helped in management of the customer and the sales of different schools. Easy to track the transaction and maintain through the mobile application. This app also helps in marketing their business through our customized marketing module.
End-To-End Mobile And Web Solutions for Proper Management

The client currently serves over 100 schools with their uniform requirements. They have a very prominent and proven program currently operating in different schools throughout NSW. They are highly reputed high quality, leading-edge uniforms ensuring all the customers’ demands are met.

But, they were facing a lot of problems in managing the end-to-end solutions. They did not have the ability to build an experienced team to deliver effective management solutions to their customers and clients.

Taking The Right Step

The client has about 65 contracted schools for school wear selling for which A3logics was hired to develop a web and mobile based ecommerce management system which allows the super admin and individual school admin to maintain the inventory and sales & revenue in the system to streamline the process of ecommerce at a single place.

After getting a complete understanding of the needs of the client, we proposed a robust and agile solution that provides better management and transparency in every aspect.

A3logics provided a solution of web and mobile application which facilitates management of the customer and the sales at a single platform accumulated from different online Magento shops of different schools. It also provides seamless experience of checking out and transactions through the mobile application. This app also helps in marketing their business through our customized marketing module which helps in promotions and strong SEO position.

We built the customized reports section where the admin can seamlessly grab and view any report related to products, customers, sales and marketing in a single click. To manage the bulk addition of products and customers at a time, we provided a facility of importing in bulk through any file format. We designed a customized dashboard where the admin can see lifetime sales (can filter out through day, month etc.), Store management and other things like System configurations and order management.

Overcoming All The Challenges

The platform client was using was very old and outdated technology and UI and wanted a platform with latest technology and designs which would be seamless and easy to use for the users such that the super admin can get all the reports of different school shops at a single place.

We created an application for efficiently managing the inventory in a hassle-free manner. Our solutions helped clients to focus on business without any management issues. This shows how we helped the client bid adieu to all the challenges in terms of managing school uniform requirements and delivering services seamlessly.